Monday, January 26, 2015

Monthly Favorits: Warm Blues And Cold Browns

January is the month of new beginnings, and for me old traditions. 

So many people think January is the month we need to get over as quickly as possible - but I love January. 
The snow is falling outside my window, I am seeing my friends after a long vacation, and it is also my birthday. What more can you wish for? 

In January I have been obsessing over warm blue colors such as clothes and nail polish, but also cold browns such as the so ever needed warm chocolate and eye shadows. Oh, and maybe also a few books, some lip product and snow - lots of snow. 

More specificly, I have been loving;
This concept is so different from other normal read-it-and-hate-or-love it books. I like that you actually get to do something you always were taught not to do. Sometimes it is only good for a little change. As the book also says; there is no wrong. 

- Eyeliner in any shape and texture
I have been loving a liquid eyeliner on my eyelid just above my eyelashes, so it gives some more definition, but for my birthday I got a gel liner and this stuff really makes me nuts. I contain myself a bit, and make a thin winged liner to give the look a more elegant yet sassy look. Bot products are from L'Oréal Paris and I recommend them a lot. 

- A bold Lip 
This is probably the fifth time you are reading this, and I will not make a whole romance about this. Of course I had to mention a dark lilac color, not only because it is winter, but because I just love these kind of shades. I used the Rimmel London Apocalips even though it is not pizza safe.

- Jewellery
I think it is safe to say that I sometimes forget to wear anything apart from clothes, and then suddenly I have caps, bows, watches and jewellery  all over me. That time is now. I love a lot of different rings mixed all together with a small bracket or sometimes a choker. I am more of a sliver girl at the moment, but who knows? 

Next month I might be reading a normal hate-it-or-love-it book, while skipping the eyeliner and lip, and wearing gold metal all over my body? Only God knows that. I will be sure to update you when the time come.
And for now - what are you obsession over? I need something new for next month, so I do not end up like what I just wrote. It will coast me way to many money to buy jewellery in gold..

- Amalie

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I Got 99 Problems And Baking Is One Of Them

Yes I know what you are thinking; why the living hell did you call your blog Jeans&Macaroons if you do not know how to bake?

Well, to make a long story short; I hated to bake the sweets, but I loved to eat the sweets - and still do.

Through the years I have wanted to make pancakes, chocolate cookies, and even bread because I got a recipe in my school.. I did try it with my friends at home, and it did not end well.
So one day I build up the courage to make a simple cake, and also take the following cleaning, which I might add, was the hardest one to overcome.
I then ended up with a lovely tasty cake and my self-confidence had never seen better days. The following day I made another one and fail hardly, but I think the point is clear; Think - try, fail - try again, fail - try again again, success. 
So now I can bake, and it only made sense to make some macaroons.
My friend Karoline and I made these delicious chocolate macaroons, and I most say I am proud of the result. The fact that the macaroon batter was already ready to mix up does not really count, right?

As and old quote says; As long as the food taste good, the world is a happy place. 
If you think I have turned into one of those crazy baking loving girls, you are completely wrong. As the tittle says; I Got 99 problems and baking is - still - one of them.

- Amalie

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Red Lips Is All You Need

It is something that has been rated so many times - sometimes called a bold lip, other times called a classic trick, but has it ever been called enough?

A red lip go under many names, but today I will give it one more; a red lipstick is all you will ever need to complete the look.
If you do not have much time, a red lip is the perfect opportunity - just get that red color on your lip, and you will track attention form both males and females. Some wishing to have you, and other wishing to be you.

Or perhaps if you are going to a fancy event -  just get that red color on your lip, and you will fell confident, because who can go wrong with a classic lip?

And last but not least, if you just feel like not wearing any makeup, but still want to have that careless-but-still-looking-hells-good vibe just like me, a red lip is perfect. You do not need anything else - it has been proved by many celebrates, such as Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss, Emma Robert, and even the queen B, Beyoncé herself.

So why not try a red lip? Give the red new hight's with your own confidents and style.

- Amalie

*This post is NOT sponsored. 

Monday, January 5, 2015


We are officially in 2015, and everything is exiting. People are once again making post’s like; New year new me, I haven’t showered since last year, I remember 2014 like it was yesterday and so on.

I feel like I should do something as well, so I dedicate this post to come clean about everything I did, that I really do not feel sorry about. Also used as the famous hashtag #sorrynotsorry

Do you remember that time last year (see what I did) where you were sharing some kind of snack with you family, and you were all sharing it equally.  But you were also playing a game, and while your family were concentrating on that, you made sure to take a bit to much of that delicious snack? Well I do, and I do not regret I at all. Or the second time, or the third, or the fourth or fifth time for that matter.
Life is full of surprises, so you might as well eat the desert while you can.

Taking a good amount of photos is my good, and bad, side. I do not mean selfie queen in any way - but I am always down for a few, if the sun is shining and my face is having a good day.
I take photos of nature, people I love, and so on. But what I also take pictures of, is example small leafs (and not two pictures but two hundred pictures). That is probably where it gets annoying, and my parents tell me to stop before I use all the battery.  
But as I see it, it is better to take too many pictures, rather than regretting not taking any.

Have you ever heard; A thing I am bad at, signing, a thing I do a lot, sing.
That is how I fell, and probably also how my family feels. I will sing in the car, in my room, in the living room, at my school, in the shops, and anywhere else I come. And trust me, it is NOT because I song good.
Singing is just something that makes me happy. Generally I thing people should take some more time, to dance and sing to their favorite songs.

Last but not least, relaxing. Some people are so busy that they stress themselves out. It is not good for their healthy psyches or mental. That is why I like to take some time off, when I have been busy. I relax when I drink tea, light candles, read books, watch television, or go for at walk in the nature.
If you do not take time to relax, take a chill pill as I like to say, and realx. Just for a few minuets at least - you will not regret it.

I also have a lot of other things, but honestly I can not remember them. Because I do not feel shame about them. Or as you also could say, now that we live in this technology world called 2015, I am really #sorrynotsorry

- Amalie