Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Year Hair: Short And Sassy

The new year is coming, and with a new year, a new style follows. 
Hair is something you can try to copy, make it look different, or not care about it. No matter what, there aren't two kind of hairdos that are exactly the same - unless you are going down a catwalk with fake hair that is more expensive, than most of our closets of course. 

This year I want to try something new. Actually I wanted to try something new with my hair last year, but didn't really go through it. So it has got to be this year. 
My hair is long and has been for a good while now. I have tried long hairdo, semi long hairdo and semi short hairdo (hair to the under the ear), but never tried really boy short hairdo. 

If I do say so myself, I have done my research pretty damn good! I mean, it has been a year since I decided that I wanted short hair.

I am not quite sure with the detail yet, but here are some of the styles I do like.

Halle Berry has short hair, but still long enough to have behind her ear.
Keira Knighley has the same hair as Halle Berry, apart from the sides, where it is a bit shorter.
Anne Hathaway has a more feminine haircut, because her forehead is covered. 

So there you have it. It is not my new year's resolution, but simply something I want to do. 

Do you have a new year's resolution, or a thing or two you want to do? Maybe you are cutting your hair as well. No matter what, I wish you the best of luck. 
And if you are going for the haircut, remember it is only hair. Do not take your hair or you life too seriously. 

As Nike says; Just do it. 

- Amalie

Friday, December 26, 2014

Santa What

Warm chocolate, long hugs, wrapping paper, and lots of traditions.
Christmas is here, and it feels absolutely wonderful.

Something about Christmas makes everything seem magical.
Maybe it is the feeling you get when you open the presents.
Maybe it is your family getting together and celebrating.
Maybe it is all the food, where the next thing taste better than the last.
Maybe it is the music blasting 'it is the most wonderful time of the year'.

Or perhaps, it might be all of them mixed together.

But Christmas is not Christmas without our beloved Santa Claus.
Or Santa Uncle, Santa Father or Santa Mom.

I like to believe that there is more between heaven and earth, than we can see.
So do not stop believing in Santa. He might be around the corner, especially if you live on the North Pole.
If you do not believe in my theory, at least tell the children you do so.

Because the best childhood memories got to be with Santa Claus, or whichever Santa you are with.

Merry Christmas

- Amalie

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Questions For The Soul, Not The Brain.

Questions that we should not ask others but our self.

It took me a while to answer, and I am still not sure which answers I would pick.

*Most of these questions come from marcandangel

1. If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don’t like and like so many things we don’t do?
2. If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be?
3. Would you break the law to save a loved one?
4. If you haven’t achieved it yet, what do you have to lose?
5. If the average human life span was 40 years, how would you live your life differently?
6. Would you rather lose all of your old memories, or never be able to make new ones?
7. Do you remember that time 5 years ago when you were extremely upset?  Does it really matter now?
8. What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?
9. When you think about all the things you have experienced, and all the people around you, would you want to be someone else? 
10. If you let you friend speak to you, the way you sometimes speak to yourself, how long would you let them be your friend? 

Hope it made you thing a bit, and hopefully also realize, that the best person you can be is yourself. As an old quote says; Be yourself because everyone else is already taken. 

- Amalie

Monday, December 1, 2014

Love Is The Only Thing I Wish For, Nearly..

It is the 1st of December, and it means Christmas is nearly here. The counting up till Christmas is excited, and making my home Christmasy is something I love. But opening presents and seeing the people I love opening presents is the best.

I began my wish list when it was still warm, and the sun would still shine all day long. Maybe because I was all Christmas happy, or because my birthday is a month after Christmas, so I can’t wish for anything in the summer.  
Anyway, my wish list is finish now, and I thought I would share my favorite pieces it with you guys, so those how are not as Christmas ready as me, can get some inspiration.

But before you read, remember that people are more important than any present.

Finding someone to wake up to, is better than finding something to wake up to.

But finding something to wake up to can be exiting as well. 

Frends Rose Gold Headphones is a dream. They has been on everyone’s google-search the last couple of months. The headphones are expensive, but with the quality and look there is nothing to complain about.

Humans Of New York Book is what it claim to be; a book filled with pictures and story's of people from New York. If you have not heard about the name before, I would sequester you to find the page on Facebook.

Tanya Burr Lip Gloss is beautiful shades with good pigment and packaging. They are as the name says from the famous youtube Tanya Burr and have both deep reds and nude colors.  

Lorac Pro Palette is beaufiful, has the quality and is surprisingly not expensive. I know it has been over a year since this came out, and I have wanted it for so long, so now is the time. If you are late on the makeup trend like me, than do yourself a favor and add this to you wish list. You will not regret it.

Before I say goodbye for this time, remember love is the best present you can get and give away.

- Amalie

Friday, November 21, 2014


And I've been thinking about you lately. Does it ever drive you crazy, just how fast the night changes. Everything that you've ever dreamed of, disappearing when you wake up. But there's nothing to be afraid of, even when the night changes. It will never change me and you. 

Photo by RJ O’Shaughnessy/Columbia Records

Outtake from their new album 'FOUR, pretty much sums up my feelings for One Direction.
I sit in my room and listen to the new album all nigh, while the times just past by. 
Dream to all the songs, and in the morning it's over. But I still love them and their music. 

One Direction came out with their fourth album the 17th of November. Even thought I am going to say, the name is not very creative, the songs are definitely. I am already addicted, and have been since the album came out, or before that when the songs got leaked.. 
If you are not that much of a fan, and doesn't really care that much about them, you should a least try to listen to one of the song. 

Photo by RJ O’Shaughnessy/Columbia Records

Fireproof is a slowly love song. I think the chorus is the best about it. If you can the text, you just will be singing when the chorus comes. 

Ready To Run is that kind of song you want to listen to, while you drive down the road at 4 pm, just when the sun is raising up in east. 

Where Do Broken Hearts Go is one of those songs, that when you first hear it, you know it is going to be a favorite. 

Stockholm Syndrome is my jam. It is one of those songs you cannot wait to dance to at a concert, because the beat is so good. 

18 is one of the sweets song I have heard. The text is just on point - and of course written by Ed Sheeran. 

Night Changes is a song that can mean more things, but most important, it makes you feel something. 

Girl Almighty is a pop song with some country music over it. The guitar keeps going, and the sound is amazing. 

Fool's Gold is just a song you listen to over and over again. When you hear it, you get reminded of other song, all mixed together and the result is beautiful. 

No Control is a song you can listen to no matter what kind of mood you are in. Feeling for a run? Listen to No Control. Want to dance in front of the mirror? Listen to No Control. 

Spaces is such a good song and it kind of build the rhythm up. 

Change Your Ticket is one of the most outstanding songs. Something about it makes it different, and special in the good way.  

Once In A Lifetime is that kind of song you listen to when you want to feel the love. 

Act My Age start as something like a pirate song, but suddenly the chorus comes on - and it all makes sense.  

Illusion is a love song, but also a going-crazy-on-the-floor-at-3-pm-when-you-feel-like-it kind of dance. It can be both, and something third as well.  

Steal My Girl is last but not least. It is that kind of song, you just want to scream out to with your best friend, because you know every single word in this beautiful song. 

In other word, I love their new album and think the new and more mature sound also fits One Direction well. 

- Amalie

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Two People In This World

There is two people in this world, and apparently I'm both.

The first person is the one who loves to take sweatpants on when they get home, make a cup of damping hot tea and reread a good old classic.

The second one is the one who doesn't make tea, because there is a 101% chance that it will get on the floor or in the bed.. ups. Instead they like to go home and blast some music, while they stalk famous and infamous people, and end up strolling down their Tumblr page.
That's me today.

But sometimes I haven't got any music I want to hear. Or any books I want to read. Or maybe worse, my favorite blogs haven't posted in a while. If you are having one of those problems today don't worry, I got you.

My  favorite Tumblr pages

Good pictures and advice
Amazing quotes and poems

My favorite blogs of all time

Gary Pepper

My favorite songs at the moment

Stay With Me by Sam Smith
Something Big by Shawn Mendes
Boomerang by The Summer Set
Vertigo by Jason Derulo (feat. Jordan Sparks)

Hope it did help xx

- Amalie

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What This Blog Is About

*All these pictures are my own, please give credit and tell me if you use them.

This blog is about what I experience in life, what I think would be the killer outfit at a party, which quotes I'm obsessing about right now, why I have so many dreams in life, what I know about eating way to many chips. It is also what kind of music I'm listening to, why I love dogs when I used to be afraid of them, when I'm gonna marry one of the members from One Direction (everybody has their teenage dreams), which books I reread with a cup of tea in my hand. And why I have a non existing taste of coffee, when I'm going to love a new Disney movie as much as Tangled, and a lot of other things.

This blog is gonna be like my own personal dairy - just a lot less personal.
I am going to write whatever I feel like writing, and take pictures I think match to it. I'm going to have a lot of fun with my friends and family, when they're helping me, and I'm going to have some cozy nights under the blanket sitting and writing by myself. Then I am going to publish what I have been working on, and hopefully you will read it to end and want more. I'm sure going to post more anyway.


Monday, November 10, 2014

The Beginning

I've wanted to start a blog for ages, but that's it. I've wanted, but haven't done anything about it - until now. I often see things I want to buy or try, and think "I'm gonna do that when I get older". But today I was in one of my favorite small shops in town, and I though, "I would really like to take some great pictures of this, and post it on my blog".
I then remembered that I don't have a blog, 'cause apparently I don't have enough time to work on one, and it would be better to make one, when I'm older and interesting things are happening in my life.
That's just some stupid things I keep saying to myself. So I decided to finish my blog when I got home and publish my first work. That's why I'm sitting here with my computer, writing down what first comes to my mind.
My grammar might not be perfect, and you will sure find something way more interesting, than reading about my new blog, but this is a journey, and journeys takes time. I have no clue where it's gonna lead, but one thing is for sure; it's not gonna end. Journeys lead you out in life. If you think it has ended, a new one has already begun.

If you have read this to end, thank you very much, and if you just skipped to this part, again, thank you very much. I hope you would like to follow my journey on this blog, and maybe you have got some inspiration to follow your own as well.

- Amalie