Saturday, February 21, 2015

Introducing Myself

Imagine that This Is Me from Camp Rock is playing in the background, while you are reading this. Because it has been 4 months, and I fell like I haven't introduced myself properly.  So if I am going to do it now, I might as well do it right.
I got some facts and honestly I laughed making them. I hope it will make you laugh or smile too, and that you after this feel like you know me a bit more. 

  • I sleep with a Gangnam Style comforter because my coolness is on a whole new level.
  • I do not like tomatoes.
  • I am as Danish as Will Smith is black.
  • I don't like vanilla ice (yes, it is true).
  • I love to act.
  • I have a dog that is called Tauruz, which means bull in Latin (and no, I did not vote for the name).
  • I am a terrible winner. If I win, I will gloat about it at least for a day.
  • I am lucky enough a very positive person.
  • I love my family more than anything. 
  • My name is Amalie (not Amelia!).
  • I still find it weird to say that Chinese people speak mandarin, and not chines (old habit I guess).
  • I do not think the teenage years are as bad as people says.
  • I am having a hard time deciding which boy from One Direction I should crush on (and the answer seems to change like the weather change in Denmark: very often).
  • I like people who do not try to fit in. 
  • I believe that to be something, you have to be different.
  • I am OBSESSED with quotes (like, really really obsessed). 
  • I think the greats think in this world is laughing.
  • I believe that being nice to each other is something we all should do more often. 
  • I do not have an idol, but I have a lot of people I admire for their hard work and kind action (*cough, cough* Angelina Jolie). 
  • In most situations I am outgoing (unless it is a sweet boy. In that case, S.O.S).
  • I am often scared of my own dreams (what if will never reach them??).
  • I want to have a life I can look back at and think. Damn gurl... You did it 

Does one of these facts belong to you too, or do you have something you want to share? Please comment below, I could like to get to know you guys too.

- Amalie


  1. This actually made me laugh - such a lovely post ! ♥
    I totally share your obsession with quotes. There is always an appropriate one for every possible situation in life :D

  2. This is a really nice post. Completely agree with being obsessed with quotes, I just love them! The last point is such a nice thought, wouldn't it be great to look back on life and to have really enjoyed it!

    1. Thank you!
      I guess we all want a life worth living (:

  3. haha.. I so get the name thing, I am Cheryl (not SHERYL!!).. also the being scared of your dreams thing.. taking a leap into the unknown, or not the social norm in front of you!

  4. Wow, you seem really cool! i can't wait to continue reading your blog!

  5. I love this! Posts where you get to know the blogger are my absolute favourite.

  6. I like people who do not try to fit in - this was a highlight for me!


  7. Nice writing and blog!


  8. What ?!!! You don't like vanilla ice ?!!! lol
    Nice post miss :)

  9. Love your blog!

  10. Hi, really nice blog :) Nice photos ♥
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin ?
    It would be awesome ! :) Just let me know ♥

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