Friday, December 26, 2014

Santa What

Warm chocolate, long hugs, wrapping paper, and lots of traditions.
Christmas is here, and it feels absolutely wonderful.

Something about Christmas makes everything seem magical.
Maybe it is the feeling you get when you open the presents.
Maybe it is your family getting together and celebrating.
Maybe it is all the food, where the next thing taste better than the last.
Maybe it is the music blasting 'it is the most wonderful time of the year'.

Or perhaps, it might be all of them mixed together.

But Christmas is not Christmas without our beloved Santa Claus.
Or Santa Uncle, Santa Father or Santa Mom.

I like to believe that there is more between heaven and earth, than we can see.
So do not stop believing in Santa. He might be around the corner, especially if you live on the North Pole.
If you do not believe in my theory, at least tell the children you do so.

Because the best childhood memories got to be with Santa Claus, or whichever Santa you are with.

Merry Christmas

- Amalie


  1. Is that your Christmas tree? It's beautiful! :)
    Happy holidays to you!

    x vonyll

  2. Beautiful pictures :) x