Monday, December 1, 2014

Love Is The Only Thing I Wish For, Nearly..

It is the 1st of December, and it means Christmas is nearly here. The counting up till Christmas is excited, and making my home Christmasy is something I love. But opening presents and seeing the people I love opening presents is the best.

I began my wish list when it was still warm, and the sun would still shine all day long. Maybe because I was all Christmas happy, or because my birthday is a month after Christmas, so I can’t wish for anything in the summer.  
Anyway, my wish list is finish now, and I thought I would share my favorite pieces it with you guys, so those how are not as Christmas ready as me, can get some inspiration.

But before you read, remember that people are more important than any present.

Finding someone to wake up to, is better than finding something to wake up to.

But finding something to wake up to can be exiting as well. 

Frends Rose Gold Headphones is a dream. They has been on everyone’s google-search the last couple of months. The headphones are expensive, but with the quality and look there is nothing to complain about.

Humans Of New York Book is what it claim to be; a book filled with pictures and story's of people from New York. If you have not heard about the name before, I would sequester you to find the page on Facebook.

Tanya Burr Lip Gloss is beautiful shades with good pigment and packaging. They are as the name says from the famous youtube Tanya Burr and have both deep reds and nude colors.  

Lorac Pro Palette is beaufiful, has the quality and is surprisingly not expensive. I know it has been over a year since this came out, and I have wanted it for so long, so now is the time. If you are late on the makeup trend like me, than do yourself a favor and add this to you wish list. You will not regret it.

Before I say goodbye for this time, remember love is the best present you can get and give away.

- Amalie


  1. Great post - I would love the HONY book too!

    Drea xo
    Drea's Junkyard

    1. Books and different people at the same time! I mean, is there anything better? :)

  2. Love this post. Hoping you get some things from your wishlist, girlfriend!

    x Kat

  3. Cute pics :)

  4. This post was so lovely and that starbucks cup is so cute x Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin x I love your blog! | musings of a Miu Miu, french bulldog, coffee obsessed girl.